House rules

Dear guest,

In the regulations below you will find the most important house rules that apply within Hotel Café Restaurant Duinzicht. We ask you to respect and accept these rules.

  • All instructions from the management and employees of Hotel Duinzicht relating to the house rules must be followed immediately.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the rooms or in other parts of the buildings. If it is found that this happens, we are obliged to charge €100,- extra.
  • Butts should be deposited in the bins and posts provided for that purpose and under no circumstances should they end up on the ground.
  • Emergency exits may only be used in the event of an emergency, not as normal entrances and exits.
  • Causing a nuisance to others by, for example, loud music, ill-mannered behaviour or noise of any kind is not permitted.
  • Hotel Duinzicht observes the liquor and catering legislation. Within this framework, alcohol is not served and tobacco is not sold to guests under the age of 18. Guests over 18, but 25 years of age or younger must show a valid identification when ordering alcohol and selling tobacco.
  • During your presence, you will use property of Hotel Duinzicht and third parties. Theft and vandalism are prohibited.
  • The carrying, use and trading of narcotics is not permitted.

Would you like to bring your dog during your stay? In consultation, this is possible on certain garden rooms with a terrace. It is therefore not possible to bring your dog to a room with a balcony or a standard room shower/toilet. When booking a garden room with terrace, you must indicate that you are bringing your dog. This will incur an additional cost per dog per night.

During your stay, you must adhere to the following house rules for dogs:

  • Under no circumstances should your dog be left alone in the room. Your dog is therefore welcome in the restaurant and dining room.
  • Your dog must be kept on a leash in the restaurant and dining room as well as in the hotel garden which, needless to say, may not be used as a walking area.
  • Your dog must behave calmly and not cause nuisance to your fellow guests and employees of Hotel Duinzicht.
  • It is not allowed to use towels, bed linen and the bedspread for your dog.
  • It is not allowed to let your dog lie on the bed or on the chairs.
  • It is not allowed to wash your dog in the bath, the shower or the washbasin.