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A hotel with everything close by, with a view of the dunes and an oasis of peace! This, of course, cannot be missed. For example, the centre of Schiermonnikoog borders the grounds of Hotel Duinzicht. Thanks to this beautiful holiday destination on Schiermonnikoog, you can effortlessly move from the beautiful beach at the North Sea to the atmospheric cafés in the centre.

(Dog friendly) Holiday home Schiermonnikoog

A holiday house for 2 persons, 4 persons or a holiday house for a family? With more than 100 holiday houses, you are always sure to find a holiday house on Schiermonnikoog that suits you!

Are there holiday homes with dog access on Schiermonnikoog?

Yes, indeed! Your dog may also stay the whole year in and around the dog-friendly holiday homes on Schiermonnikoog.

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Staying overnight on Schiermonnikoog

Have you always wanted to camp on Schiermonnikoog or spend the night on the Wadden Sea? Schiermonnikoog has all the right ingredients.

Is there a bed & breakfast on Schiermonnikoog?

Absolutely! With more than 8 different bed & breakfasts on Schiermonnikoog, you will be spoilt for choice!

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Experience nature on Schiermonnikoog

Camping on the edge of the woods and at the same time on the beach on Schiermonnikoog? With a choice of family tents, luxury safari tents, furnished tents or your own tent, you can experience the nature of Schiermonnikoog first hand.

Is there a campsite on Schiermonnikoog?

Without a doubt! Camping farm De Oorsprong is the place to stay if you like camping. De Oorsprong has group accommodations, flats and a camping site, so there is something for everyone.

Last minute Schiermonnikoog

A last minute family offer or looking for a last minute holiday home Schiermonnikoog? Don't get stressed out and book without delay a last minute bungalow or other group accommodation.

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Staying overnight at the Wadden Sea

An unforgettable experience on the water and on the Wadden Sea. With the overnight stay on the Wadden Sea of Schiermonnikoog, you will see the water rise and set. On the authentic clipper from 1889, it is suitable for both children and adults.

Is there any specific information about this overnight trip?

More information about the overnight stay at the Wadden Sea Here be found.   

What is the holiday budget?

For a 'warm country' and 'beach' holiday, you no longer need to leave the country! Schiermonnikoog has proven for years that this is also possible on one of the most beautiful Wadden Sea islands!

We hear you think; with what proof? Research has shown that more than 300,000 tourists visit the island every year!

The seasons on Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog is a true seasonal island! The beauty of Schiermonnikoog is shown in a different light every season. Its nature is an eye-catching picture for every nature lover at every season.

In the summer, you can go to the beach, have a drink or explore the island by bike.

With autumn in sight, you can mingle with the beautiful autumn colours in the forest, the mushrooms and magnificent blue clouds.

What could be more beautiful than a fresh layer of crunching snow in the winter? Or a beautiful winter walk on the beach of Schiermonnikoog with a delicious chocolate milk as a finish?

After the winter season, spring is already approaching. The time to see nature and the animals on the island blossom again. Time for walks through the dunes and to get a breath of fresh air on the beach again.

Public transport Schiermonnikoog

As you probably already know, it is prohibited to bring your own means of transport to Schiermonnikoog. On Schiermonnikoog, however, it is possible to travel by bus. There are currently 6 buses on Schiermonnikoog, which reach the centre via one or two routes.

Schiermonnikoog's bus timetable can be found here.

Are there other transport possibilities on Schiermonnikoog?

Of course! On Schiermonnikoog, there are not only buses but also taxis that can take you from place to place. There is also the possibility of taking along a bicycle yourself. If this is not an option, there is also a bicycle rental service on Schiermonnikoog.

Taxi Boersma
Bike rental

Crossing ferry or express boat Schiermonnikoog

Cross the Dutch Wadden Sea with the ferry, express service or water taxi from WPD. The crossing to the car-free Schiermonnikoog takes about 45 minutes. If you want to travel with the express service or the water taxi, you will be on the other side of the Wadden Sea within twenty minutes!

Where is the departure point to the port of Schiermonnikoog?

The departure point to Schiermonnikoog is in the Groningen village Lauwersoog. In order to bring you as carefree as possible to your destination, there are car parking places on the Zeedijk near the harbour!

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This 3-star hotel on Schiermonnikoog is a feast for the eyes with its delicious food, hospitality and beautiful dune views.

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A hotel full of history!

History gives everything an identity. Curious about the history and identity of our Schiermonnikog hotel?

Not convinced yet! Then read more about Schiermonnikoog's activities and sights here or read more about our beautiful Wadden Island.

Read the story of Hotel Duinzicht

Experience the warmest atmosphere in Restaurant Duinzicht with its fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. A wide variety of dishes and matching wines are served by the fireplace.

A beautiful location within two minutes from the centre and only ten from the beach! You are also more than welcome for festive or business meetings or arrangements!